Pupil Disabilities

Since 2002, the Governing Body has had three key duties towards disabled pupils:

  • Not to treat disabled pupils less favourably for a reason related to their disability.
  • To make reasonable adjustments for disabled pupils so they are not at a substantial disadvantage.
  • To plan access to education for disabled pupils. In making a decision about the admission of a child with special needs, the school must take into account the wishes of the child’s parents and the efficient education of other pupils.


The school seeks to ensure that all the pupils have maximum access to education and the associated services of the school, by anticipating the needs of pupils in its planning and making additional adjustments wherever possible. Policies and procedures are kept under regular review to ensure that no pupils are placed at a disadvantage or treated less favourably. We uphold a positive, non discriminatory approach to disability as part of our commitment to equal opportunities. We aim to involve any disabled pupils in every aspect of the life of school. There are three elements in planned improvements in access for pupils with disabilities:

  • Improvements to access to the curriculum
  • Physical improvements to increase access to education and associated services
  • Improvements in the provision of the information in a range of formats


A copy of the school’s accessibility plan can be viewed by clicking on the link below
(opens in a new tab).

Accessibility plan 2018 – 2021

Current Accessibility Objectives

  1. curriculum – to ensure classroom support staff have specific training for disability issues
  2. physical environment – to ensure that furniture around the school is suitable for the area it is intended and that there is space to manoeuvre safely wherever disabled pupils may access
  3. written information for disabled pupils – to use symbols and pictures to ensure pupils understand information even when unable to read words