Lunches and Menus

Blackshaw Moor School follows – ‘Good Food In Staffordshire Schools’

All menus include a mix of hot meals with vegetables rice/pasta /potatoes or a lighter summer option with a daily choice of salad. All meals are cooked and prepared on site from basic ingredients.Using recipes that are low in fat, sugar and salt and cooking methods that retain vital nutrients ensures that the meals provided are healthy and nutritious. We ensure colours and additives are kept to a minimum.

At Blackshaw Moor School we like to create an environment where young people feel they have the confidence, skills and understanding to make healthy food choices and mealtime interaction with others.

There will be a daily selection of five of the following salad items that children can add to both hot or cold options: Cucumber, tomato, carrot, celery, sweetcorn, lettuce, sultanas or raisins, spring onions and peppers.

As well as including vegetables in main courses and fruit in deserts, children have a choice of vegetable portion and can help themselves to extra fruit from the fresh fruit platter: apple, pear, orange, banana, grapes, kiwi.

Fresh semi-skimmed milk and/or water are always available on each table.

The current weeks menu is always displayed in the school entrance hall and the current menu is also available to download below. Mrs. Shilcock or Mrs Worth would be pleased to discuss any concerns/queries you may have regarding school lunches for your child.

All meals are paid through Parent Pay. You can pick your child’s meals for the week or longer if you want to there are three choices each day a main course, a vegetarian option or a jacket potato.

Please click below to view or download the Super Heroes Food Menu.


Autumn Menu 2018

If you are on Income Support or Income Based Job Seekers Allowance, your child is entitled to free school meals. You will be required to provide proof of benefit when making a claim.
Forms are available from the schol office or your local Education Welfare Officer whom you may contact through the school.

Further information and menus are available at