Governing Body

Mrs S Crawforth Headteacher Registers of interest none
Mrs R Torr Chair (03.03.2019)  Personnel/Finance/ Buildings Registers of interest none
Mrs L Ball Co-Opted (30.11.2018) Personnel/Finance Maths and Gifted and Talented  Link Registers of interest none

Mrs N Frost Co-Opted (07.01.2022) Personnel/Curriculum/Finance and Buildings Registers of interest none

Mrs J Picken Staff (25.04.2017) – Curriculum and Standards Registers of interest none
Mrs C Ball Parent (22.10.2018) – Parent Governor/Curriculum and Standards. English and Website Registers of interest none
Mrs L Clowes Parent (30.11.2019) – Personnel and Sports Grant Link Registers of interest none
FR David Nicol (18.11.2019) – Foundation Registers of interest none

Mr Christopher Oates (19.10.2021) – Buildings and Health and Safety Registers of interests none

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Buildings and Premises

Our Governors are drawn from a wide cross section of our community, each one bringing special skills to benefit our school. We actively support our Head Teacher in the managing of our school.  This takes place through individual committees.  The Personnel, Curriculum, Buildings and Finance committees meet regularly and each Governor sits on one or two of them.  Full Governing Body meetings take place once a term.

We have an “open door” policy and Governors can visit the school anytime.  Governors come in to observe lessons and to talk informally with staff and pupils and to see the school working on a daily basis.

As we are a small rural school, the local community is very important to our school’s well-being.  Our Governors encourage school involvement with our local church and with community organised events. organised locally.

Governor Meetings Attended

Full Governor Body Meeting 21st March 2019

Present- S Crawforth, N Frost, J Picken, R Torr, FR D Nicol, L Ball , F Ward, L Clowes, C Oates

Apologies sent – C Ball

Finance Buildings and Personnel Meeting 26th February 2019

Present- S Crawforth, R Torr, F Ward, L Ball

Apologies sent – C Oates, L Clowes N Frost

Curriculum and Standards  Meeting 27th February 2019

Present- S Crawforth, J Picken, C Ball, L Clowes

Apologies- N Frost

Full Governor Body Meeting 8th November 2019

Present- S Crawforth, R Torr, C Ball, L Ball, Fr D Nicol, C Oates,J Picken,

F Ward

Apologies- None