Science Day

As part of a project to raise the profile of science in school, Blackshaw Moor First School held a Science day for all the children from Nursery to Year Four. We held our first ever science fair which was very successful. All the children decided on a project to work on at home with their parents and bought their work into school to share at the end of the day. We had a lizard with instructions on  how to keep him safe and healthy and lots of information about his habitat. We had erupting volcanoes, eggs that slipped into bottles like magic, homemade dinosaur eggs and lava lamps. We had a robot with LED lights and scale models of the solar system to name just a few !


The day was full of activities aimed to encourage team work, creative thinking and problem solving whilst developing scientific skills and knowledge. Many of the children came to school in lab coats and safety goggles to really get into the spirit of things and Mrs Shilcock our school cook even prepared a science themed meal for lunchtime.